Corporate website demo

8 October 2012

Morpht has just released a demonstration corporate website tailored to the requirements of the typical corporate website. It has sections for investor relations, careers, team profiles, corporate governance, projects, contact information and maps. 

During the development of the corporate site we reviewed the best practices in the investor relations websites as reported by leading industry organisations and instituitions, and incorporated them into the build. Specifically, the site includes:

  • Suggested corporate website structure.
  • Essential minimum features for an investor relations website in Australia.
  • Good use of the technology to organise and present the content resulting in good user experience.
  • Innovative features such as feeds, mailing list alerts, social media integration, question and answer pages and the ability to handle video and audio.

The corporate website demo has been built on the Morpht platform and as such comes with standard features making it responsive, accessible, reliable and flexible. The site is:

  • Mobile ready and looks good on smart phone, tablet or desktop.
  • Accessible for users and adheres to most of the WCAG2.0 AA standards guidelines.
  • Served from our optimised hosting stack with good perforance and secure backups.
  • Based on the Drupal, the popular open source content management system.

One of our aims at Morpht has been to provide best of breed solutions to small to medium organisations at competitive prices. We have done this by building a platform which allows us to concentrate on the job of providing solutions which work for you, the client, rather than getting bogged down in unnecessary technicalities. We have already done the hard work up front. Many of the features we offer are billed as add ons by other development shops. We are therefore able to offer packages as a starting point, rather than billing per hour from the get go. We have a kickstarter and custom packages available for companies wanting to get started. It is possible to add further customisation to these if required.

If you are looking for a corporate website which works for you then please get in touch. 


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